The Negras, Miércoles 29 de Enero de 2020

It counts the legend that the town of the Blacks was based after a tragedy: The men of the near population of San Pedro became a bad night to the sea and they never returned more. The women, widows now dedicated to agriculture more saw the necessity to approach the rest of towns to subsist. The name of the new establishment was conditional by the individual of its founders dressed black by the mourning. In its origin the town as soon as it counted on ten white small houses very near the sea. In spite of the city-planning growth, the Blacks maintain in resaborcillo of the town that was.

"the strength of San Pedro of the Blacks was made up at the end of century XVI or principles of the XVII constructing to an old Nazarí tower a rectangular redoubt to him with a battery of twenty-six meters. Berrio and Machuca projected in the 1575 this construction, to prevent that the berberiscos pirates did the watered down one in the well of the Chavalí. The trimming was made up of twelve soldiers, in the 1656 single one were seven. It had two bronze pieces of one and two pounds of caliber, and eight mosquetes; bullets for the tubes and mosquetes, powder and cord were needed. Tower and redoubt needed repairs (according to the visitador of that year). The 12 of January of 1658 demolished an earthquake ".


The Negras at the moment

The Negras at the moment 2005 Almeria Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Nijar 950388075